FPV (First Person View)

Bring close proximity to a new level. In-House produced fpv drones allow our operators to defy the limitations of conventional aerial cinematography. We have solutions to meet every payload from stripped GoPro all the way to RED and ARRI to mtach any size production.  

Dual-Op/heavy FPV

Blurring the line between FPV and Heavy-lift is our custom solution “Gator”, tailored to the highest level of production. Dynamic reverse shots, “Oners”, chase scenes, and location establishment all with  dedicated FIZ operation, Movi Pro remote head and lightweight prime leneses typically not available on FPV drones. 

Heavy-Lift uav

Able to lift the largest payload packages under 30lbs with moderate speed but a more extended flight time compared to FPV. We use a Movi Pro remote head system with full FIZ system for Alexa Mini and RED. DJI transmission makes sure the shot can be viewed in real time and patched into video village.  

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